Currently accepting applications for our Winter Term!

Bloggers who have applied or have been BAs in the past are more than welcome to reapply again. If you are a current Brand Ambassador, you do not need to reapply for the next term.

**Application below**


Next Term: Winter

Instagram Brand Ambassadors will be signed up to receive and post about The Book Drop in:

December 2020, January 2021, February 2021


Book Drop Brand Ambassadors enjoy:·  

· 1 Free Book Drop subscription every month

· Custom coupon code to share with others

- Get compensated for every referral in Bethany Beach Books gift certificates!

· Featured on our social media and website

Ambassador Requirements & Duties

· Must have a strong following and active presence on Instagram

-To post two photos of The Book Drop per month on Instagram

- At least one photo should include The Book Drop branding and/or packaging

- Posts must be public and contain appropriate tags & hashtags (see below)

 - At least one post must be exclusive to The Book Drop. Including a Book Drop title among a stack of other books will only count toward one of your two-posts count 

- Instagram Stories are loved & often shared by The Book Drop but stories do not count toward your monthly two-posts count since they only have a 24 hour life (sad face)

 - All posts must be original content created by the Brand Ambassador

- All posts must use the hashtag #TheBookDrop and The Book Drop must be tagged in the photo and in the caption

By being a Brand Ambassador you give The Book Drop the right to use any photos tagged #thebookdrop or featuring The Book Drop

*In the event that your social media handle changes while you are  Brand Ambassador, please let us know so we can find you (that sounds creepy but you know what we mean)!

Terms & Conditions

· Book Drop Ambassadors must live within the USA (sorry international friends! We hope to open this up to international bookworms soon!)

· First post must be made within 7 days of receiving Book Drop subscription in the mail

· Book Drop Ambassadors agree to 3-month terms unless otherwise agreed upon, however, The Book Drop can cease any Ambassador agreement if the Ambassador fails to meet program requirements each month

· By becoming a Book Drop Ambassador, Brand Ambassadors give permission to The Book Drop and Bethany Beach Books to use the Brand Ambassador's Book Drop-related photos online. Credit will always be given to the Brand Ambassador with a direct link to their social media/blog. 

For questions, please contact