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*Sold Out* Books for Coffee June '19: The Banker's Wife


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The Banker's Wife

By: Cristina Alger
Trade Paperback
Books for Coffee June 2019
*Shipped late May 2019*

The only thing worse than finding out that your husband is dead, is discovering the secrets he left behind.

Annabel's seemingly perfect ex-patriate life in Geneva is shattered when her banker husband Matthew's plane crashes in the Alps. When Annabel finds clues that his death may not be all it seems, she puts herself in the crosshairs of powerful enemies and questions whether she really knew her husband at all.

Meanwhile, journalist Marina is investigating Swiss United, the bank where Matthew worked. But when she uncovers evidence of a shocking global financial scandal that implicates someone close to home, she is forced to make an impossible choice.

0.0 1 reviews
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Customer Reviews

Brei D. - 06/23/2019

Refreshing Thriller

A very refreshing break from the unreliable women narrator's that have been floating around the book world these days. Cristina Alger wrote a solid thriller that I didn't want to put down. I became invested in the main characters and wanted to know what was going to happen next . This story alternates mainly between two main characters Marina and Annabel. Annabel is the widow of Matthew Werner, a banker at Swiss United. Marina is a journalist working on story about a Ponzi Scheme creator that disappeared. The women don't know each other but they are tied to each other by the story. All the women in the book are sober and coherent. I didn't see the twist coming in the end. This book is a great, quick read!

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