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*Sold Out* The Book Droplet May '20: Five Fuzzy Chicks


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Five Fuzzy Chicks

By: Diana Murray, Sydney Hanson (Illustrations)
Hardcover Picture Book
The Book Droplet May 2020
*Shipped late April 2020*

Five adorable baby chickens are determined to have some fun before bed in Five Fuzzy Chicks by Diana Murray, a rhyming farm picture book with counting elements featuring illustrations by Sydney Hanson.

It’s time for bed, but these five chicks are full of energy!

They race out of the coop to visit all of the other animals. But the dog is so snuggly and the hay is so comfy, and these five fuzzy chicks can’t help but fall asleep one by one.

Before long, the sleeping chicks are scattered all over the farm! What will Mama Hen do?

As playful as it is soothing, Five Fuzzy Chicks is the perfect story for tucking your own little chicks into bed.

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