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*Sold Out* Books for Tea May '20: Red Letter Days


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Red Letter Days

By: Sarah-Jane Stratford
Trade Paperback
Books for Tea May 2020
*Shipped late April 2020*

This purchase is for the book only and does not include subscription extras.

Photo by: @oneforthebooks


When two brave women flee from the Communist Red Scare, they soon discover that no future is free from the past.

Amid the glitz and glamour of 1950s New York, Phoebe Adler pursues her dream of screenwriting. A dream that turns into a living nightmare when she is blacklisted—caught in the Red Menace that is shattering the lives of suspected Communists. Desperate to work, she escapes to London, determined to keep her dream alive and clear her good name.

There, Phoebe befriends fellow American exile Hannah Wolfson, who has defied the odds to build a career as a successful television producer in England. Hannah is a woman who has it all, and is now gambling everything in a very dangerous game—the game of hiring blacklisted writers.

Neither woman suspects that danger still looms . . . and their fight is only just beginning.

0.0 0 reviews
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