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*Sold Out* Books for Tea October Mailing '20: Every Bone a Prayer


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Every Bone a Prayer

By: Ashley Blooms
Trade Paperback
Books for Tea October Mailing 2020
*Shipped October 2020*

This purchase is for the book and does not include a renewing subscription.

Photo by: @lost_inthepages


The Lovely Bones meets Where the Crawdads Sing in this remarkable debut set in Appalachia.

In her rural Appalachian holler, ten-year-old Misty's closest friends are the crawdads. Misty can speak to them, to the birds, to the creek, to everything outside, and she understands how they think. She knows that if she could just speak to her parents in the same way, she could stop all the fighting. But it's too hard.

Strange things start to happen in the holler. When her friend William takes their friendship too far, Misty's need to connect is greater than ever, but it's hard to talk about what you don't understand. This is the story of one tough-as-nails girl whose choices are few but whose imagination is boundless, as her coping becomes a battle cry for everyone around her -- a beautifully honest exploration of healing and hope.

0.0 0 reviews
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