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Staff Favorites Julia's Pick: The Rose Garden

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The Rose Garden

By: Susanna Kearsley
Trade Paperback
Staff Favorites

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Why I love it:

A brilliant mix of historical fiction and romance, Kearsley's "The Rose Garden" is one of my favorite comfort reads that I come back to again and again. Eva's search for a true home after her sister's death is something many can relate to, with the added element that she has to decide if that home is in the modern era she was born to or the past she keeps slipping into, a past made more enticing by the presence of Daniel Butler. With the mystery of how her trips to the past work and the lack of historical record on Daniel, Eva has to decide what life she really wants to pursue and where she will make her home. Heartwarming with twists that surprised and delighted me, this is my favorite of Kearsley's novels.


A riveting and romantic journey through time, The Rose Garden drops a modern woman into the middle of a historical fiction novel when she's thrown back to 18th century Cornwall--only to find that might just be where she belongs.

After the death of her sister, Eva Ward leaves Hollywood and all its celebrities behind to return to the only place she feels she truly belongs, the old house on the coast of Cornwall, England. She's seeking comfort in memories of childhood summers, but what she finds is mysterious voices and hidden pathways that sweep her not only into the past, but also into the arms of a man who is not of her time.

Soon Eva discovers that the man, Daniel Butler, is very, very real and he draws her into a world of intrigue, treason, and love. Inside the old British house, begins to question her place in the present, she realizes she must decide where she really belongs: in the life she knows or the past she feels so drawn towards.

A brilliant escape that gives one woman the chance to time-travel and find her place in British history, The Rose Garden presents Susanna Kearsley's signature combination of romance and fascinating historical fiction at its very best.

0.0 0 reviews
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