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Self-Care Upgrade


Jazz up your or a recipient's Book Drop mailing with our Self-Care Upgrade! Upgrade any new or existing Book Drop subscription to include some of our favorite one-time-only indulgent gifts in their next mailing!

We have a LIMITED NUMBER of Self-Care Upgrades. This needs to be purchased in conjunction with a Book Drop subscription.Please note the products in this upgrade are the same featured in our February upgrade.

Just like our regular Book Drop mailings, the goodies inside our Upgrade are a surprise! This is what we can tell you:

Each Self-Care Upgrade will be shipped with your/the recipient's book & will include:

* 1 Organic Stress-Away Item that will allow you to relax and take a deep breath

* 1 Handmade Cozy Item that will compliment any reading session

* 1 Reflection Item that will help inspire daily reflection or self organization

* Upgraded Priority shipping

Over $38 value!

Due to upgraded Priority Shipping, Self-Care Upgrades will be shipped after our regular Book Drop mailing. Upgrades will be shipped with our next mailing (March 15th-19th).

All goodies will be shipped in a box with the recipient's book! All goodies included in our Self-Care Upgrade are made in the USA in small batches by small businesses. All items are gender-neutral and are geared toward adults. The Self-Care Upgrade can be added to any Adult or Young Adult book subscription (unfortunately they cannot be added to Middle Grade, Book Droplet, or Puzzle subscriptions). Due to shipping costs, our Self-Care Upgrade is only available to readers within the USA. This Self-Care Upgrade needs to be purchased in conjunction with a Book Drop subscription. The purchase of this Self-Care Upgrade does not include a subscription to The Book Drop.

Shopping for a New Subscriber?

Step 1: Add a Book Drop subscription to your cart.
Step 2: Add this Self-Care Upgrade item to your cart so your/the recipient's next mailing can be upgraded.

Shopping for a Current Subscriber?

Step 1: Add this Self-Care Upgrade to your cart
Step 2: During Check Out, use the recipient's name & shipping address in "Shipping Address" so we can connect this upgrade to the appropriate subscription

Purchasing multiple Self-Care Upgrades?

Each Self-Care Upgrade needs to be purchased separately with each recipient's name in the Shipping Address