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*Sold Out* Middle Grade June '21: Any Day With You


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Any Day With You

By: Mae Respicio
Trade Paperback
Middle Grade June 2021
*Shipped June 2021*

This purchase is for the book only and does not include subscription extras.


Kaia and her family live near the beach in California, where the fun of moviemaking is all around them. Kaia loves playing with makeup and creating special effects, turning her friends into merfolk and other magical creatures.

This summer, Kaia and her friends are part of a creative arts camp, where they're working on a short movie to enter in a contest. The movie is inspired by the Filipino folktales that her beloved Tatang, her great-grandfather, tells. Tatang lives with her family and is like the sparkle of her special-effects makeup. When Tatang decides that it is time to return to his homeland in the Philippines, Kaia will do anything to convince him not to go.

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