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*Sold Out* The Book Droplet July '21: Just Be Jelly


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Just Be Jelly

By: Maddie Frost
Hardcover Picture Book
The Book Droplet July 2021
*Shipped July 2021*

A groovy jellyfish helps a scared-of-everything sardine learn to take its problems in stride in this humorous picture book about wiggling your worries away.

When a sardine who's scared of everything loses its handbook for staying safe in the sea, it goes into total panic mode. But right as big, scary shadows are surrounding it, the sardine runs into a jellyfish preaching the wisdom of wiggling your worries away. Try it! Wiggle up...wiggle down ...wiggle all around! When you're done, your problems might not seem so enormous—and those scary shadows might turn out to be friends! From the creator of Smug Seagull comes a funny, feel-good story about facing your fears (with the help of a few awesome dance moves).

0.0 0 reviews
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