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*Sold Out* Books for Coffee April Mailing '22: One Last Chance


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One Last Chance

By: Jeffrey Siger
Trade Paperback
Books for Coffee April Mailing 2022
*Shipped April 2022*

This purchase is for the book only and does not include a renewing subscription.


Welcome to the island where people never die

When Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis's longtime assistant, Maggie, returns to her ancestral home on Ikaria for her 104-year-old grandmother's funeral, she quickly realizes not only was Yiayia likely murdered, but that a series of other long-lived Ikariots had recently died under the same suspicious circumstances. Back in Athens, Andreas and his chief detective Yianni pursue a smuggling and protection ring embedded in the Greek DEA, and its possible involvement in the assassination of an undercover cop.

But then Maggie and Yianni uncover a connection between their respective leads in the elder-killings on Ikaria and the DEA corruption case, and they realize that there are international intrigues far more dangerous at play than anyone had imagined.

0.0 0 reviews
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