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Early Readers December '22

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December Early Readers

Early Readers December 2022
*Shipped December 2022*

This purchase is for the book only and does not include subscription extras.


Astrid and Apollo and the Ice Fishing Adventure by V. T Bidania & illustrated by Evelt Yanait

It's ice fishing season, and the twins are looking forward to a fun day in the ice house.

Sparkleton #1: The Magic Day by Calliope Glass & illustrated by Hollie Mengert

Sparkleton is a shaggy unicorn that will do anything to get his wish granting powers. Anything except his homework.

Mad about Meatloaf by Maureen Fergus & illustrated by Alexandra Bye

Meet Weenie, a meatloaf-obsessed wiener dog, and his best friends Frank and Beans in this hilarious early graphic novel.

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