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Romantic Springtime Adventure Mailing


Romantic Springtime Adventure Mailing

Treat yourself or another reader with our Romantic Springtime Adventure Mailing.

Perfect for any reader who enjoys a bit of romance with their armchair travel! Julia, our Books for Bubbly curator, has selected three fantastic romance titles that will whisk you away to different corners of the world. Readers have three title options to choose from or readers can opt to have our team randomly select a title for them! These bundles will ship immediately.

Just like our Book Drop subscriptions, the titles inside our Romantic Springtime Adventure Mailing are a surprise! Here are a few hints to help you make your choice:

Choose Your Adventure:

* Hightail it to the Highlands
Getting away means time to follow your dreams and find new love in this cozy and warm novel.

* Escape to the East Coast
Pen pals turn into something more in this bookish and cute rom-com.

* Wander the West Coast
Be prepared for beautiful vistas and lots of heart in this serendipity-filled romance.

* Surprise Me! *
Can't decide? We'll choose a title at random for you!

Each Bundle Includes:

* A fantastic new romance
* A letter from the author
* A note from Julia
* A set of three travel-themed linen-embossed illustrated journals from Lantern Press
* Upgraded USPS Priority shipping
* Upgraded packaging

We have a limited number of these mailings. Happy reading!