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*Sold Out* Books for Coffee November '16: The Heavens May Fall


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The Heavens May Fall

By: Allen Eskens
Trade Paperback
Books for Coffee November 2016


Detective Max Rupert is convinced that Jennavieve Pruitt was killed by her husband, Ben. Max's friend, attorney Boady Sanden, is equally convinced that Ben, his client, is innocent. The case is pushing their friendship to the breaking point and forcing each to confront personal demons.

Max is still struggling with the death of his wife four years earlier and the Pruitt case stirs up old memories. Boady hasn't taken on a defense case since the death of an innocent client, a man Boady believes he could have saved but didn't. Now he is back in court, determined to redeem himself for having failed in the past.

Vividly told from two opposing perspectives, the story of Jennavieve Pruitt's death disrupts many lives and the truth remains a mystery till the very end.

4.0 1 reviews
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Customer Reviews

Thais C. - 12/07/2016

Awkward dialogue, solid story

~May contain spoilers~ I did enjoy the book very much, and it did captivate me! But there were a few things I thought to be kind of, awkward. One of them being the dialogue... I feel like they tried a little too hard to emphasize drama in the dialogue, and it made it seem a little unnatural and just kind of awkward. I also thought the introduction of Max's wife's death was a little random, they introduced it and it never really had a conclusion... like okay, now he knows who is responsible, but what was the point behind all of that? It seemed a bit strange. However, the story did have some unexpected turns, and it was really easy to stay interested throughout.

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