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Please note these age ranges are recommended by the publisher and are approximate. All readers are different so we encourage subscribers to select the subscription that will best fit their reader.

Board Books (Ages 0-4)

Perfect for tiny readers who love board books! Books are geared toward itty bookworms ages 0-4. Each month we share one of our favorite board books that have recently been published. We cover a variety of themes & focus on board books that we enjoy reading to our own children. Some board books may have interactive components like lift-the-flap or touch-and-feel. This subscription includes one surprise hand-wrapped board book each month.

$24.98 - $287.76

Picture Books (Ages 3-6)

Perfect for both little and big readers who love hardcover picture books! Titles are geared toward little bookworms ages 3-6. Each month we share one favorite hardcover picture book that has recently been published. We focus on a variety of themes including non-fiction. This subscription includes one surprise hand-wrapped hardcover picture book per month and usually contains a letter from the author.

$15.98 - $181.98