Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Book Drop?

The Book Drop is an auto-renewing monthly subscription book service created by Amanda Zirn, bookseller & manager of Bethany Beach Books. Our mission is to help bring the independent bookstore to readers all over the world, as we sadly understand that not everyone has a local, independent bookstore near them.

Will my subscription auto-renew?

It depends what type of subscription you have. All standards subscriptions auto-renew. As of 2/28/2017 gift subscriptions are given the choice at checkout whether to auto-renew or not. Subscriptions renew on the last day of the last month in your subscription cycle.

When will I be billed?

You will be charged for your first subscription as soon as you sign up, whether it's for one month, three, or six depends on the subscription you chose. You will then be charged on the last day of the last month in your subscription cycle.

When do you ship boxes?

We ship boxes around the 20th of each month depending on how the business days fall. Cut-off to receive the next box will be posted on the top of our home page each month as sometimes it varies. If you sign up after the cut-off date, you will receive your first box the following month.

When will I get my first box?

You will get your first box around the 24th-28th of the month (for USA readers). International deliveries take a bit longer. If you signed up after the cut-off date, you will receive your first box the following month around the 24-28th.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do!

International Rates (USPS International Priority Mail):
Canada: $16.00 USD per box
Rest of the World: $26.00 USD per box.

**Please note we do not give refunds due to shipping charges. Shipping charges are generated after the shipping address has been input so please take note before you checkout.

How much is shipping?

As of January 1, 2017 USA shipping rates have lowered! Yay! USA bookworms can enjoy rates of $3.99 per box when shipped to a USA address.

As of 1/15/2017:
All United States Service Men and Women with an APO/FPO/DPO mailing address will receive FREE SHIPPING with coupon code: USALOVE .
We realize no amount of free shipping will ever, ever properly show our love, support, or gratitude for what you and your family have sacrificed for our country. We do, however, hope this small gesture will let you know we are thinking of you & appreciate everything you do.(***Please note that any subscriptions that improperly use this will automatically be terminated.***)

Can I switch between boxes if I can't decide?

Yes! If you can't decide which box you want or if you just want to mix it up a bit, you can switch between boxes from month-to-month. Just remember to login to your account or email Amanda before the end of the month, otherwise your switch will take effect the following subscription cycle. Please also note that you will be charged the difference in box prices if there is one.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Although we will cry a little, yes, you can always cancel your subscription. If you have prepaid for future months, you will still receive those boxes & then your subscription will cease. We recommend you login to your Book Drop account and cancelling your subscription. If you're in a super pickle, you can cancel your subscription via email -

**Please note we do not give refunds for shipping charges or failure to cancel a subscription before it renews, however, subscribers will always receive boxes they have purchased.**
Please also note that a cancellation does not automatically induce a refund so please contact Amanda at for help with refund & cancellation issues.

Can I change my address in the middle of my subscription?

You sure can. Simply log into your Book Drop account to change your address or email Amanda and we can update your mailing address manually.

Can I change my credit card on file?

Yes, please login to your Book Drop account and update your credit card information.

Why don't you ask for my child's gender? How will you know what to send them?

In an effort to promote gender fluidity among books we do not ask for any of our readers' genders. We don't want anyone to ever feel like they have to read a specific type of book... or can't read a specific book... because of their gender. We are all about breaking gender stereotypes, expanding our readers' horizons, and promoting open-mindedness.

What if I already have the book you sent? Can I return it?

Sadly, you cannot return it. Much like a magazine subscription...and any other type of cannot return that month's magazine simply because you already picked it up at the supermarket. In the event that you already have the book, we suggest passing the book on to another reader who will love and take care of it, or donating the book to a school, library, or shelter.

What happens if my box is returned to you or is undeliverable?

If your box is lost in the mail, we can send you a one-time replacement box. If the box is returned to us or undeliverable due to an invalid or incomplete address, we cannot send you a complimentary replacement box. In this type of event, we can resend your box for a small fee.

Can I give The Book Drop as a gift? How does that work?

Yes, of course! We urge you to purchase a Book Drop subscription as a gift, simply because it makes the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, congratulatory and going-away-to-college!

To purchase a gift subscription, simply click the "This is a gift" box during the checkout process. Please make sure to enter the recipient's mailing address when checking out. In the event that you enter your own mailing address, contact Amanda at & she can help straighten it out for you.

Can I skip a renewal?

Yes! You can easily skip a renewal or multiple renewals by logging into your Book Drop account or emailing Amanda at Just remember to do so before the end of the month if you want to skip the next renewal.

I keep seeing Bethany Beach Books, I thought this was Book Drop?

Ah, yes, that can get a little confusing sometimes. Book Drop is a subscription book program created, run and managed by the little, independent bookstore - Bethany Beach Books. You will see Bethany Beach Book's logo everywhere because Bethany Beach Books is the company and Book Drop is the program/service. You will also notice that your Book Drop emails will be signed from Bethany Beach Books.

Can I sign up in the store?

Unfortunately at this time you can only sign up for The Book Drop online.

How does pricing work?

Each subscription plan is priced accordingly. Some things we take into consideration: the price of the book, the box, the time it takes to package up your box with all that love, any goodies or extras that are included.

We understand that you can get a better deal on that site-that-shall-not-be-named, but this box isn't about getting the cheapest price, it's about having a small independent bookstore hand-select the perfect book for your subscription box and sending it your way once a month. It's about helping people discover fantastic reads and putting marvelous books into the hands of readers, books they probably would never have discovered otherwise. If you're looking for the cheapest box or the cheapest book, then this box isn't for you... we don't deal in cheap, we deal in fantastic, fabulous, & marvelous books.

Do you offer complimentary boxes for review?

Yes! Please head here to fill out our Complimentary Review Box request form.

Still have a question?
Please email Amanda at