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What is The Book Drop?

The Book Drop is a subscription box lovingly created & run by a little independent bookstore at the beach.   

Each month we will pick one of our favorite new reads that you may not have discovered otherwise. Our mission is to spread the love of reading by exposing people to really amazing books. We all have busy  lives and unless you are surrounded by books all day (like us lucky  folk), it's a bit overwhelming to pick out one REALLY good book when  there are so many options. That's what we are here for... to pick out  the best of the best and mail them your way, to be dropped on your  doorstep or mailbox.

We understand that you can get a better deal on that site-that-shall-not-be-named, but this box isn't about getting the cheapest price, it's about  having a small independent bookstore hand-select the perfect book for  your subscription box and sending it your way once a month. It's about helping people discover fantastic reads and putting marvelous books into the hands of readers, books they probably would never have discovered otherwise. If  you're looking for the cheapest box or the cheapest book, then this box  isn't for you... we don't deal in cheap, we deal in fantastic, fabulous, & marvelous books.           

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Decide which box is right for you & then decide how long you want your initial subscription to be. You can switch from box-to-box between months in the event you want to mix it up a bit!

2. We pack your box

We'll start packing your box around the 18th of the month. We'll even send you an email with tracking information when we start the packing process!

3. Enjoy your fabulous book 

Sit back, relax, put your feet up, and tuck into your new hidden gem of a book! Bask in the fuzzy, warm, good-for-the-soul feeling you'll have because you decided to support a little, independent bookstore.

What's inside the box?

We pride ourselves on providing a simple box that focuses on a spectacular read that we are passionate about.

All Boxes Include: 

  • 1 trade paperback book
  • +
  • A note about why we love the book
  • +
  •  An Indie Next List brouchure for that month from IndieBound featuring hot new books that independent bookstores & booksellers LOVE (YA & Children boxes receive this quarterly)

Although we can't promise the following each month, more often than not our boxes may include:

  • A letter from the author
  • and/or
  • The book will be autographed by the author OR the book will include a signed bookplate from the author

The Jane

Leopard at the Door by Jennifer McVeigh

There are so many glowing reviews of Leopard at the Door, we cannot wait for you to read it! Leopard at the Door  is a dramatic, historical novel set against the fading backdrop of the  British Empire in 1950's Kenya. Beautifully written and expertly  researched, Jennifer McVeigh transports us to a period of history that  deserves to be better known.   [This book shipped in our November box on October 20th.]

The Ernest

If You Knew My Sister by Michelle Adam

 In the vein of Ruth Ware's In a Dark, Dark Wood comes a novel of psychological suspense form debut author Michelle Adams, where a woman returns to her family's home to learn the truth and escape her sister's  influence. We thought this multi-layered, complex, spine-tingling,  twisty read was perfect for the Halloween season! Enjoy!   [This book shipped in our November box on October 20th.] 

Young Adult

How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather

It's the Salem Witch Trials meets Mean Girls in a debut novel from one of the  descendants of Cotton Mather, where the trials of high school start to  feel like a modern day witch hunt for a teen with all the wrong connections to Salem’s past. Salem Witch Trials meets Mean Girls + Hocus Pocus meets The Craft? The perfect read this Halloween season! Enjoy!   [This book shipped in our November box on October 20th.] 

Children 8-12

The Voyage to the Magical North by Claire Fayers

 "The  beautiful cover design reflects the charming adventure within; this  multilayered fantasy handles a variety of themes, including the meaning  of family, the ability of power to corrupt, and the importance of  stories. Upper elementary and younger middle grade fans of Lynne  Jonell’s The Sign of the Cat will be enchanted by Brine’s high seas adventure." ―School Library Journal, on The Voyage to Magical North  [This book shipped in our November box on October 20th.] 

Need help selecting your box?


Our most popular box & perfect for book clubs! You'll receive one historical fiction, contemporary fiction, or literary fiction paperback each month that we absolutely love. This is the curator's favorite box! (Don't tell the other boxes). If you enjoyed books like The Nightingale, Me Before You, All the Light We Cannot See, The Kitchen House, or The Light Between Oceans, this is probably the best box for you!


As an Ernest subscriber you'll receive one thriller, action, or suspense paperback each month! Sometimes we even sprinkle a little non-fiction throughout the year! If you enjoyed The Woman in Cabin 10, City of Thieves, In the Woods, or Gone Girl, this might be your favorite box!


Our YA subscribers receive one paperback book each month appropriate for readers with a maturity  level of age 14-15+.  This box is perfect for the reader who likes to read a variety of books! We try to send an assortment of genres throughout the year while incorporating diverse characters.

Children 8-12

Subscribers to our Children box will receive one paperback book each month perfect for children ages 8-12!  We select an assortment of genres with strong characters, diversity, and positive themes! This is perfect for the child who enjoys a wide range of books and is currently at an average middle grade reading level. Please take a peek at our past books page to get a better idea of the books we send!

What readers are saying about The Book Drop

"What makes this subscription stand out from the rest is its loyalty to hidden gems. The Book Drop is dedicated to promoting books that are worth reading, even if they haven’t made the bestseller list. They actively select books that you could only find in an indie bookstore, or by talking to a fellow book lover. It’s all about the book community,  not the book business."

Gabrielle - Gabriellenblog

"I was sent the June Jane box and I absolutely love it. First off, the paperback they chose is absolutely gorgeous. This month we have a signed bookplate too! I am becoming a major fan of  signed bookplates and signed books in general. They’ve become something that make the whole book a bit better. There’s a fantastic letter in here that explains more about the book FROM THE AUTHOR. Both of these unique touches really bump up the value of the box, in my opinion. BUT what really makes this book box so special, and worthwhile  in my opinion, is the fact that you’re supporting an independent  bookstore. 

Lili - Utopia State of Mind

"Box #2 in my subscription gift! Can't wait for my bath & book evening!" 

Amber - @adskahl