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The Jane

Hemingway's Girl by Erika Robuck

I decided to send out one of my absolute favorites for June because what better way to kick off summer than with the most fabulous book... plus it's my birthday month & I hold this book close to my heart. Hemingway's Girl by Erika Robuck is a true hidden gem and I usually pitch it as the unofficial sequel to The Paris Wife by Paula McLain because now we see Hemingway with his second wife, Pauline. What I liked most about Hemingway's Girl is we get to meet Hemingway through the eyes of a young maid who is hired at his home in Key West. We see Hemingway enjoying life in colorful, exotic, steamy Key West. This is a standalone novel that will WOW you without any prior Hemingway knowledge so dive in & enjoy. In addition to the book, you'll find a letter & signed bookplate from Erika, who is absolutely amazing. -AZ  [This book shipped in our June box May 17th.]

The Ernest

Mothers and Other Strangers by Gina Sorell

"My father proposed to my mother at gunpoint when she was nineteen, and knowing that she was already pregnant with a dead man’s child, she accepted." This is an up-an-night book - one of those reads that you sacrifice being tired the entire next day because you absolutely must finish it before going to bed. From the first sentence, we were hooked. This is a haunting and brilliant debut novel from Gina Sorrell, who was born in South Africa and grew up in Canada (where she now resides). This is the story of the secrets we keep and the complex ties of parents and children. Included you'll find a signed bookplate from Gina! Enjoy! —AZ  [This book shipped in our June box May 17th.] 

Young Adult

Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman

We dare you to try and not read this book in one go... it's THAT good! This is a coming of age novel "about real issues: loss, staying true to yourself, family crises, abandonment, change, identity, flawed relationships, and so much more. From start to finish, it is a book that demands to be read in one sitting" (Jay Coles, Goodreads). We loved that the characters are diverse and oh so real, we loved how much this book made us FEEL, and how fantastic the author is. Included you'll find a signed bookplate from Laura! Yay! Enjoy!  -AZ  [This book shipped in our June box May 17th.] 

Children 8-12

Just Like Me by Nancy Cavanaugh

Blurb coming soon! Yay!  [This book shipped in our June box May 17th.] 

What is The Book Drop?

The Book Drop is a subscription box lovingly created & run by a little independent bookstore at the beach.   

Each month we will pick one of our favorite new reads that you may not have discovered otherwise. Our mission is to spread the love of reading by exposing people to really amazing books. We all have busy  lives and unless you are surrounded by books all day (like us lucky  folk), it's a bit overwhelming to pick out one REALLY good book when  there are so many options. That's what we are here for... to pick out  the best of the best and mail them your way, to be dropped on your  doorstep or mailbox.

We understand that you can get a better deal on that site-that-shall-not-be-named, but this box isn't about getting the cheapest price, it's about  having a small independent bookstore hand-select the perfect book for  your subscription box and sending it your way once a month. It's about helping people discover fantastic reads and putting marvelous books into the hands of readers, books they probably would never have discovered otherwise. If  you're looking for the cheapest box or the cheapest book, then this box  isn't for you... we don't deal in cheap, we deal in fantastic, fabulous, & marvelous books.           

How It Works

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Sit back, relax, put your feet up, and tuck into your new hidden gem of a book! Bask in the fuzzy, warm, good-for-the-soul feeling you'll have because you decided to support a little, independent bookstore.

What's inside the box?

We pride ourselves on providing a simple box that focuses on a spectacular read that we are passionate about.

All Boxes Include: 

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  •  An Indie Next List brouchure for that month from IndieBound featuring hot new books that independent bookstores & booksellers LOVE (YA & Children boxes receive this quarterly)

Although we can't promise the following each month, more often than not our boxes may include:

  • A letter from the author
  • and/or
  • The book will be autographed by the author OR the book will include a signed bookplate from the author

What readers are saying about The Book Drop

"I feel like the value in this box comes from fabulous customer service and thoughtful curation that includes a signed bookplate and book swag. I think the children’s box would make a fantastic gift for a young reader, especially since it is only $9.00 a month!"                  

Sarah - Beeju Boxes

I’m super happy with my box. It's a no muss no fuss box that send your next great read. 

Andrea - @BookstoreFinds on Instagram

"I love that I signed up for a three month sub to this one. The books  that I've gotten so far are amazing and everything that comes with it is  adorable. Even got Gerard Cosmetics this month!" 

Katelyn - @Kmspedden