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How The Book Drop works

A "Book of The Month" box from an independent bookstore!

When you sign up for The Book Drop box, you'll receive one fantastic paperback book delivered to your door each month. We find incredible reads that the average reader won't discover otherwise.

Simply decide which box is right for you, choose your subscription length, and enjoy some fabulous books!

"Hidden Gem" Reads

Let us send you the best of the best.

We understand that unless you are in an independent bookstore all the time or immersed in the book industry, it can be intimidating picking out a fantastic book. We also understand that everyone's time is precious in this busy world, so if you're taking the time to read a book... let's make sure it's a book that will be amazing.

We actually read books

A team of book lovers is better than any algorithm

We know you can find and purchase books from That-Site-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named but we are real life humans who read for a living... and recommend books for a living. With the help of our booksellers, publisher reps, book club members, and our curator, a lot of book experience is being put into your books!

Support an Indie Bookstore

Yay for 25+ years!

The Book Drop is curated and powered by Bethany Beach Books, an independent bookstore for 25+ years! We are located steps from the beach in Bethany Beach, Delaware and are the town's only independent bookstore. We understand not everyone has an independent bookstore in their town so we are bringing the independent to you!

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